"We have used BDS computer hardware for years. Performance and reliability have been excellent. Most importantly, BDS stands behind everything they sell. If I have a problem, I have only one number to call."

Shirley Williams, Deputy Director
Circle Park Behavioral Health Services
Modern computer networks are capable of handling more than just data and voice; video can be carried on the same network infrastructure. Whether your goal is to increase safety and security with video surveillance, or to boost efficiency and reduce travel time and expense with video conferencing, BDS has the answers.

Video Surveillance
IP-based video surveillance is transforming the way organizations and institutions are protecting their property, personnel and assets. Enhance your company's safety and security with a modern video surveillance system from BDS. You can locate cameras anywhere on your network and monitor them from any computer. Even from remote locations across town or across the country.
Network Cameras IP-based video technology and solutions have become the new standard of excellence in video surveillance and situational awareness. Compared to analog or hybrid systems, IP-based solutions provide a number of crucial advantages, including:

Faster Awareness and Response - IP-based intelligent technology provides the gold standard of real-time situational awareness, allowing for virtually instantaneous problem recognition, faster response and more successful resolution of security issues.
Lower Cost - Wireless IP-based security solutions are faster and less costly to deploy because there is no digging, wiring or cabling necessary. Equally important, they’re less costly to implement. For example, the monthly savings you can realize by eliminating T1 lines are substantial.
Leverage Existing Investments - IP-based technology is compatible with existing analog or hybrid video surveillance systems, so you can extend and improve your current network without the hassle and expense of having to start over.
Smart Hardware and Software - New, IP-based smart technology and cameras combine with intelligent software solutions to improve performance and maximize protection.
Remote Monitoring - To help you centralize monitoring operations, IP-based video surveillance solutions enable you to monitor multiple cameras from a single remote location.
Enhanced Security - IP-based video surveillance systems enable digital images to be encrypted for maximum security.

Video Conferencing
In today’s business climate, companies are highly concerned with safety, time and cost-related issues. As a result, video conferencing is more relevant than ever, and the benefits are significant. Video conferencing solutions from BDS give organizations the tools they need to:

• Raise productivity
• Conduct efficient desktop training and education programs
• Reduce travel expenses
• Build stronger relationships with remote staff and customers
• Use limited resources more effectively
• Take full advantage of existing network and application investments

Structured Cabling
The backbone of any network, whether data, voice or video is the cable infrastructure. Properly installed and configured for your future organizational requirements, it will provide years of fault free operation. BDS can provide your business with state-of-the-art cabling services designed to provide maximum performance for your computer, telephone and video system needs including CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, fiber and even wireless infrastructures.